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In 1981, I Can See Your Lips Moving, the history and art of ventriloquism was first published in the U.K. by Heinemann's under their

newly acquired company Kaye & Ward. It received rave reviews and sold out within a year.

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condensed version of the first edition was published in Switzerland 1984 as a companion for the Museum of Ventriloquism in Degershiem.

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Wait a minute, how did this get in here ?

After the success of the "lips" book Heinemann's pressed Valentine to write another book.

In the 80's Aerobics was becoming a big thing in America but the price of the Jane Fonda book was out of reach for most people. Already keeping fit with this new craze Valentine came up with this handbook Areobics Stretch and Shape Workout which sold over 30.000 copies in the first week.

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The US edition of I Can See Your Lips Moving with revisions was published in  1993.

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 A Japanese translation of the "Lips" book was published in Japan in 2002 much to the credit of Takeshi Ikeda the founder of the Japan Ventriloquist's Association