This was at the Comedy & Magic Club at Hermosa Beach, California in 1989 - Still one of the best comedy clubs around.

This bio video was put together during the show MORE MAGIC  at O'Shea's Casino on the Las Vegas Strip which starred Valentine Vox doing magic and ventriloquism.


In 1997 Valentine  became the director of the International Ventriloquists Association and organized annual conventions in Las Vegas.

These highly publicized events featured some of the worlds greatest ventriloquists including Jeff Dunham, Mallory Lewis, Nina Conte, Jay Johnson, Ronn Lucas, Jimmy Nelson and the legendary Paul Winchell.

Candice Bergen, as correspondent for the TODAY SHOW,  featured this segment for

the show in 2002.

In 1981 Valentine appeared on iconic Blue Peter show which is the longest running children show in the world

In 1981, to coincide with the publication of the book I Can See Your Lips Moving,

Valentine designed the first exhibition on ventriloquism at the Victoria @ Albert's


It was so successful that it's original run of one month was extended to accommodate the many visitors. This BBC segment was aired on the 6 o'clock news.

A small segment from a German performance in Switzerland at a high school gathering.

In 1982 Channel video asked Valentine to write and feature in a show especially made for the new home entertainment market called VIDEO . This show, MY VIDEO PARTY, became the first ever children's show made for home entertainment market.

My Video Party

was the very first children's show made for the fledgling video market in 1983

In 1985 LOGOS the Japanese ventriloquist organization that was headed by Ichiro Noda wanted to introduced ventriloquism into the annual

cultural festival Kokuminbunkasai and invited Valentine Vox to appeared as the special guest.

For this honor Valentine performed his entire act in Japanese.

In the latter part of the 1960's Valentine was performing on a weekly kids show called The Uncle Bobby Show. Edgar Bergen was doing a nostalgia tour of North America in 1967 and graciously agreed to appear with Valentine in this charming segment for children's television.

To Tell The Truth was a prime time nationally broadcast show in the US. 

The challenge was training the two imposters, It is slightly out on sinc as what often happens on Youtube.

The latest version of To Tell The Truth was broadcast at NBC in 'beautiful downtown Burbank' California. Note that Valentine spaced out on the KnuckleHead question although he had trained the two imposters  with the right answer ! LOL