Valentine Vox Uncle Bobby Show 1966  .jpg

Uncle Bobby Show 1966. (Toronto) Bobby was a great character who came from British vaudeville.

Valentine Vox  Pilot The Trading Post 1968 .jpg

The Trading Post a pilot made for children's TV that never made it to the small screen. (1968)

Claudette @ Toto with Valentine Vox as puppeteer 1967/68158.jpg

Claudette and Toto was French teaching program made by ETV in Toronto in which I operated Toto as a puppeteer.

Valentine Vox

When I retuned to the UK in the seventies I did the circuits with a club act wearing an oversized bow tie!

Valentine Vox on Blue Peter 1981.jpg

In 1981 I got to appear on the iconic show Blue Peter on BBC

Paul Winchell accepting lifetime award at Vegas Ventriloquist Convention  Award 1997jpg

Joel Leder-Sammy King-Paul Winchell Lynn Trefzger Jay Johnson and me.

Paul is holding his Askins Award.

Valentine Vox with Mallory Lewis and Lamb Chop 1998.jpg

In show-biz you get lots of free hugs-

Here's one from my two favorite girls Ms Lamb Chop and her wonderful sister Mallory Lewis.


Actress Candice Bergen covered the convention for the TODAY SHOW in 2002

Edgar Bergen with Valentine Vox CFTO 1967

How this happened I can never know for sure, but Edgar Bergen agreed to appear with me on the Uncle Bobby Show in 1967.It was a great honor.

Valentine Vox with Clarence (Ducky) Nash 1982.jpg

The only picture I have of me and good friend Clarence (Ducky) Nash, the man who created Donald Duck's voice which he did for all the Disney movies. This picture was taken at my home in London where Ducky stayed for a few days while doing a B.B.C special which I arranged through producer John Fisher.

Ducky was the nicest man I ever met, a true gentleman.

Valentine Vox narrating Dylan Thomas 2010.jpg

Reciting  Dylan Thomas's Christmas story

valentine Vox in Nottingham 1985.jpg

Performing in Nottingham in the 70's with Orlando.

Bob Monkhouse was the 


Valentine Vox actor 1968.jpg

I was an actor in Theatre Toronto

and the Questers. Here I'm looking Shakespearian as possible. In 1966 I did win 'best actor' award

Valentine Vox & Paul Winchell.jpg

Valentine with Paul Winchell in 1998.

Paul is demonstrating a  toy figure of Jerry Mahoney.

Valentine Vox as puppetteer on Sparky and the Flying Cat CBC 1969.jpg

Sparky and the Flying Cat was the title

of this one-off television show in Canada. That's all I remember.

Shari Lewis and Valentine Vox 1968.jpg


Shari Lewis, a consummate performer and a generous one posing here  to help promote my record Album (1967)

Valentine Vox with Jeorge Happy House 1972 Thames TV.jpg

For Thames Television I did a two year run of Happy House-sadly these shows are lost. (1972-73)

Valentine Vox on Zingalong Thames TV 1972.jpg

Thames Television seriesZINGALONG


Vegas Ventriloquist Convention 1997.jpg

In Vegas I produced the Vegas Ventriloquist Convention with a host of stars including guest of honor Paul Winchell.

Senor Wences and Valentine Vox.jpg

Señor Wences in Vegas to celebrate his 100 birthday.

Valentine Vox Jimmy Nelson and Leonard Maltin Vegas Convention.jpg

We honored Jimmy Nelson at the 2nd convention who is seen here with Leonard Maltin from Entertainment Tonight Leonard presented the Askins Award to Jimmy

Valentine Vox in Thats Magic Show in Las Vegas 1999.jpg

Here I'm trying to look as magical as I can for my show in Vegas MORE MAGIC 

Valentine Vox in MyVideoParty_7.jpg

MY VIDEO PARTY was the first ever children's show made for what now is called Home entertainment (1978)

valentine vox.jpg
Valentine Vox .jpg

Magazine cover

valentine Vox.jpg

Magazine cover

Rick E. Layne, Paul Winchell Jimmy Nelson 1967.jpg

In 1993 when I organized the first Vegas

convention who shows up ? Three of the all time greats-Rick E.Layne, Paul Winchell and Jimmy Nelson.

valentine Vox book review Finacial Times.jpg

Always amazed that the Financial Times covered my book and exhibition in 1982.

It had to have been a slow news week !